Renovation in the means of re-building the site. We reconstruct genius loci, remove a layer of a flimsy cluster of the former building, and preserve the purest. On site, we found a house big in volume, but paralysed by a cavernous spatial layout. We articulate a grand living space of the garden defined by a monumental façade, a terrace with a roof overhang, and connected with the great main living area on the inside. The house faces the garden and protects privacy and comfort of its inhabitants. The original terrazzo covered stairs are elevated into one of the main motives of the design, therefore we complement them with new terrazzo finishes. We confirm locally typical use of brickwork on the exterior. Our “re-constructive” approach is reflected by the minimal language of architecture. We make use of rare and precious materials, but practise in a rational and modest manner. We are not afraid of new order, we resonate with the timeless character of the place, one of the oldest settlements in the centre of the Bohemian Plateau. In the period of cities urban sprawl toward the open landscape, especially in the small area of the Czech Republic, we see a huge potential in refurbishing the poor and old houses located in beautiful places, based on the proven experience and tradition of living in the best places of inhabited landscape. We like to build new houses on sites of old sheds and shacks. The design was created in two alternate versions, the finished figure follows the clients wish for a “conservative” solution. Both versions deliberately follow the concept of a “classical” expression.


BUILT-UP: 214 m2
FLOORAGE: 330 m2

12 mil. CZK

Ondřej Císler, Pavel Hnilička, Jan Dluhoš, Petra Bláhová-Kandusová, Ondřej Dušek